Wallet - antiskimmer

Wallet - antiskimmer

In the UK over the past year, the amount of fraudulent transactions with contactless payment cards and mobile devices increased by 4.2 million pounds (2.8 million pounds in 2015 against 7 million pounds in 2016).

With growing contactless fraud, the UK's largest retailers are actively launching production wallets with "antifraud-reflectors" to protect payment cards. For example, in the purses of the autumn collection, the company Debenhams has built in protective screens that block attempts by scammers to use contactless card readers .

The amount of purchases that does not require entering a PIN code is 30 pounds. Cards that support contactless technology, can be compromised by the method of skimming at a distance of several inches.

The risk is that scammers take wireless readers into noisy crowds to charge contactless people's cards with fake payments while they are still in their purses and pockets.

Due to the built-in RFID Protection technology, the wallet provides protection for payment cards from remote cash withdrawals and provides antiskimming .

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification. Technology for Automatic identification of objects using radio waves.