UnionPay International and Huawei sign Global Cooperation Agreement

UnionPay International and Huawei sign Global Cooperation Agreement

On January 27, 2018, Huawei signed a cooperation agreement with UnionPay International     to work together to promote the globalization of Huawei Pay and accelerate its deployment throughout the world. Agreement is the first joint effort between Huawei and Union Pay to attract Huawei Pay to the world market.

In the future, mobile phone users Huawei and Honor outside of China can make fast mobile payments by adding their UnionPay bank cards to your phone. For security, Huawei Pay uses technology token payment to effectively protect the privacy and security of cardholder data.

The technology Huawei Pay is already supported by 66 banks and is compatible with 20 mobile devices,     including various mobile phones and smart watches. The volume of payments Huawei Pay in 2017 amounted to 4 billion yuan and continues     grow.

Today, more and more people are using mobile payment services, such as Huawei Pay in their daily lives. It is expected that the rapid growth in sales of mobile phones Huawei, Honor and smart watches around the world, combined with the expansion Huawei Pay in the international markets will significantly increase the number of Huawei Pay transactions conducted annually.

At the signing ceremony, Alex Zhang, president of the Huawei Consumer Cloud, said:

"Open Exchange is an important direction for the future of digital economy and intellectual interaction, and that is why cloud services Huawei for end-users created an open and global intelligent mobile ecosystem. Huawei hopes work with partners such as UnionPay International to provide more secure and convenient mobile payment services for every user of Huawei smart devices around the world "

Larry Wang, Vice President of UnionPay International, said:

"UnionPay International conducts extensive cooperation with various players in the payment industry to integrate the advantages of each side. This cooperation with Huawei is of great importance. First, with this agreement, both sides realize cooperation on a global scale, and issuers outside mainland China can now launch Huawei Pay Pay-as-you-go after connecting to the platform UnionPay Mobile Service Platform, which significantly saves time and costs. Secondly, innovative products UnionPay are an important impetus for localization of business of both parties and support the modernization of payments in other countries and regions. Third, cooperation between the two giants will jointly strengthen the global influence of independent mobile payment solutions of China. "

Russia will be the first foreign market to implement the service. At present, UnionPay bank cards are accepted on 85% of POS-terminals and ATMs in Russia, and more than 400 000 POS-terminals accept the contactless payment UnionPay. More than 10 Russian banks have issued about 1.3 million UnionPay bank cards. In addition to Russia, Huawei and UnionPay plan to offer Huawei Pay services to markets in Eastern Europe.

With global sales of Huawei consumer products and cloud services for consumers, presented by Huawei Pay, Cloud, AppGallery, Video and Music, their global deployment is also accelerating, bringing the latest technologies and services to consumers around the world, so that more users can experience the convenience of the era of "smart technology".