In South Africa new way of fraud with ATMs - Card swapping

In South Africa new way of fraud with ATMs - Card swapping

In recent months in South Africa new way of fraud with ATMs - Card swapping!

While using an ATM, an unknown person will approach the victim to “assist” them.
Usually reports that there is a problem in the ATM and he knows how to solve it, or in advance specifically creates problems with the ATM.

Before the customer entered the PIN code, the fraudster presses the "Cancel" button, takes out the card from the ATM, doing the trick of a magician, changes the client's card to pre-prepared.
The card swap usually happens before the victim inserts their PIN, which prevents the transaction from taking place due to the swapped card now in the ATM.

In the process of "assisting" the fraudster is close enough and can easily view the pin-code of the victim's card.
The client leaves the ATM after the unsuccessful transaction, but without his bank card.
At the same time, the offender leaves with a victim's card and a PIN code, which will be used at the nearby ATM.

Criminals specifically try to confuse bank customers, forcing to accept the help of strangers.
- They can change the language on ATM screens to make it look unfamiliar to the client.
- Also use activation of the function "Cardless" to change the way the screen is displayed.
- Intentionally create a "jam" card slot in the ATM to lure the customer to the nearest ATM.

Be vigilant, since criminals use different ways of manipulating and distracting ATM users to gain access to their bank cards and PIN codes!