Fake Buffalo Sabers online shop was shut down

Fake Buffalo Sabers online shop was shut down

Buffalo Sabres - a professional ice hockey club playing in the NHL and BBB (Better Business Bureau - profit organization with the goal of consumer protection from fraudulent and misleading activity in business) worked together to close the online store under the brand name of the NHL.

One of the NHL fans, the New Yorker, submitted a complaint with the BBB after placing the order on the website, and have not received paid goods, besides there was no any opportunity to contact the owners of the store. The website hockeysabresshop.com was impersonating the official online shop of Buffalo Sabres.

During the investigation, the BBB has made several attempts to contact the site owners with a request to provide additional information about the company, but with no results. It turned out that hockeysabresshop.com has a domain name abroad, and also uses the logo of the hockey team illegally.

The defrauded NHL fan noted that the site looked quite professional and did not cause any suspicion. But later it turned out that the payment was made in favor of the private person, and the store has no contacts, no physical address, website contains a huge amount of grammatical mistakes.

You can suffer from using these sites more than once:

  • getting goods of low quality
  • not receiving the goods, you lose your money
  • make a purchase using plastic card and providing its details to the fraudster, you run the risk of being left without funds in your card account.

How to make your purchase in the online store as safe as possible?

  1. Use trusted website. Try to find out some more information about a store (read reviews and ratings of the store)
  2. Do not seek to obtain licensed product with low prices. There is a great chance of getting fake product or not receiving it (as a rule, the products advertised in the social networks)
  3. Genuine licensed goods can be purchased on the official websites of your favorite teams, or you can find some information about legal retailers here (this information applies not only to sports goods)
  4. Pay attention to spelling and grammar on the website.
  5. Make sure the transaction is safe. Payment can’t be made in favor of the private person (e.g., transfer to the card). The presence of the web site privacy policy is also a small guarantee of its legality.
  6. Make sure you have a secure connection with "https:“

These are just some tips to make your purchase as safe as possible. Avoid counterfeit goods and beware.