110 million subscribers of Netflix were attacked by phishing e-mails

110 million subscribers of Netflix were attacked by phishing e-mails

About 110 million subscribers of Netflix received phishing emails (Netflix is a service working on a subscription, provides unlimited access to a library of movies and TV series).

In a letter entitled "Notice of suspension" was a warning the subscriber that the account will be suspended because the team support "is unable to verify payment information for the next period of services". Then the recommendation follows to update information about the account and the subscriber is being transferred to a fake Netflix page by the specified reference where you must enter information for login and credit card number.

The fraudsters worked hard to create a fake web site, it is almost impossible for the normal user to notice the catch. Also the template of fraudulent emails repeats the official from Netflix. But there are a few points that you should pay attention in email: instead of full name only contains "#name#", and in the sender "No Sender". It is sign of a phishing page.

The user after receiving email with any links is recommended:

  • to hover a mouse on the link and verify the domain to which it points
  • If the domain looks suspicious or unfamiliar, don't click the link. If, however, the transition implemented and you need to enter any personal information, whether, passport number, credit card number, etc., it's fraud, ALWAYS!!
  • Send such email in the basket and be aware in future
We are talking not only about the emails from Netflix/ Any letter containing a demand/request to enter a personal data is fraud. If you are still insecure, and the desire not to lose the movies for the next month dominates it is better to go to the official company website where the information for clients is providing or you may contact the technical support of your service provider but also through the official website.

Netflix Press Secretary hastened to calm subscribers, saying that the company uses all the necessary technology to protect personal customer data.

Unfortunately, fraudsters, that are working in the Internet, often use popular brands with a large customer bases for phishing personal information. Therefore, it is important always be aware. You can find more information about phishing in article " Phishing: Vishing / Farming/ Smishing.

Sreenshot of Netflix phishing e-mail