Skimming fraud at a gas station. How to reduce your risk.

Skimming fraud at a gas station. How to reduce your risk.

Every modern person strives to save time and money by any means. Online payment for housing and communal services, shopping on the Internet, etc. has long been firmly rooted in our lives. And it's no wonder that more and more popularity is gaining such a way to save time and money as automatic filling stations. But it's not about saving your time, but how not to lose your money.

As you know, wherever new technologies, there is opportunity for new types of fraud. And we will talk today about skimmers installed on these automatic filling stations. Skimmer - this word is not new, but only recently the cases of skimming at automatic fueling stations have gained their fame in the US, and the times when the trend will spread around the world are not far off. Therefore, it is important to be prepared right now.

Skimming on automatic gas stations is a device for reading information from bank cards, which intruders install inside a gas filling station.

Are automatic filling stations so vulnerable to the actions of intruders? The answer is yes! And first of all because such filling stations are hidden from the eyes of the masses. An attacker will not make it very difficult to conduct a number of simple manipulations next to the station. And the ability to transfer data from stolen maps via text messages allows an attacker to appear at the gas station only once. And there are no worries until the skimmer is detected.

What should an average person who wants to use the services of such automatic filling stations do?

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Use cash

  2. If possible, make a payment by the operator inside a station.

  3. Some stations are provided with protective seals. Refuse to refuel if the seal is damaged or seen the word "VOID"

  4. Use the stations located closer to the building of the filling station

  5. Pay attention to the card reader and the keyboard for entering the PIN code - they should have regular usage marks, they should not be new, of course, if you are not the first customer of such a filling station, otherwise it is likely to be a patch. Also, the keyboard, card reader should not differ from the same readers and keyboards on other stations. Try to pressure a little bit on the card reader, it should stay in place, the patch, as a rule, easily lends itself and detaches. If you notice any of these signs of unauthorized access, do not use this station, and also notify the station manager or any other employee. You can, of course, just leave, why tear off people from work, and, perhaps, in vain. You will save your money, but do not prevent the illegal earnings of the attacker.

But what will the average person who came for refueling say?

"I'm here to refuel quickly and run further on my business, I don’t care that the card reader has fallen off a little or some strange screech is being issued, and the card has hardly squeezed into the reader. And in general, the other driver has driven up and waiting for his turn"
And, you know, how many people think the same way? 9 out of 10!

The cardholder is the main reason why this type of fraud spreads around the world with a huge speed. Take care of yourself and your money.