Antifraud systems and security payments

  • Fraud

    Risk management policy

    The golden rule of risk management is to reduce risks to zero, but it is possible and necessary to reduce and minimize risks

  • Fraud

    Guide to fraud types

    Three key areas of risk management in e-commerce: types of fraud, signs of potential illegal activity detection, and a guide to fraud prevention in general.

  • Technology

    Scan and buy!

    About the concept of payments through QR-codes, about the scope of their use and what is QRishing

  • Fraud

    What is fraud?

    In this article we will tell what card fraud is, talk about the main types and look at the experts' forecasts for the next 2-3 years.

  • Fraud

    Skimming fraud at a gas station. How to reduce your risk.

    Recently, cases of skimming at automatic fueling stations have gained their fame in the US, and the times when the trend has spread around the world are not far off. Therefore, it is already important now to be "armed". In this article you will find information on how not to become a victim of scammers.

  • Fraud

    What is liability shift?

    For many years, the merchants were held liable for different e-commerce chargebacks because of frauds. Today, the authentication is bringing the positive benefits that come with liability shift. So what exactly is liability shift?

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